Hi, thanks for coming back! We’ve got more ideas for games which can be played in the car on long holiday journeys. Please let us know what you think and if you’ve had successful trips using these ideas – we always like to hear from you!

Nosy Neighbours

Traffic jams – we all get stuck in them. And there’s no situation more likely to make the kids restless.

So try this little game of nosy neighbours on for size.

It’s simple – everyone chooses a window and takes a quick peek at the person in the car nearest to them. Then it’s up to you to decide what sort of person they are.

Choose a name, give them a voice, pick a job – and if you’ve got time decide where you think they’ve been or what their favourite meal is.

And for extra fun make the whole game a secret spy mission. Tell your kids that the aim is not to be seen looking by their chosen target. If they do their turn is over.

Yellow car

A simple one for little ones and another family favourite of ours. First to spot a yellow car wins (and it doesn’t count if you’re in one). For longer journeys, keep the count going and take team scores.

Phone box, pillar box, post box

This is a good one when gradually getting lost in small British towns and English country lanes. Two points awarded for every phone box spotted, three points for a pillar box and five points for a post box. Bonus point for the older postboxes built into tumbledown stone walls (spotting a postman in action emptying a box wins the game hands down).

Spot the Eddie Stobart

A UK motorway trip is not complete without a few of these bright red and green haulage trucks. You can either award points on a basic first-to-spot-the-van basis, or, using the personal names on the front, write down each name you spot. First to 5 different names wins.

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May 4 2014