Kids hate travelling for long distances in cars – fact! So with the Spring Bank holidays fast approaching and plans for trip and travel possibly on the cards for your family, we thought we’d offer you some inspiration for games which can be played in the car which will keep little ones entertained for a little while at least!

Number Plate Game

This is a favourite of ours – and it’s easy for kids from about 5 upwards to play. Mum or Dad tells everyone the last three letters of the car in front’s number plate and then you make an amusing saying or rhyme from them, so for instance, RGS becomes Red Giraffe Shouts or FEC becomes Find Every Cat. Simple but the kids will find it amusing and it can become surprisingly competitive!

When I went Shopping

Another favourite of ours, this game is simple to play and is guaranteed to get the grey matter working. Someone starts and says ‘When I went shopping, I bought’ and then adds whatever they like, say cheese for example. The next player then says the same phrase, including the other item, and then add their item too. Eventually (if you’re all good at it) you’ll end up with a long list of things to remember. The first person to forget an item is the loser.

Car Bingo

This isn’t Bingo as you or I know it! No pens or paper are required.

Everyone in the car picks a colour and then counts the number of cars that colour that drive past. The first person to count 10 and to shout BINGO! is the winner.

Check back for more ideas tomorrow!

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May 3 2014