Hi there! It looks like it’s set to be a complete scorcher this weekend, so for today’s activity, we have a water theme to help keep you all cool. This game is best played in larger numbers so is perfect for family Barbeques and get-togethers. Don’t forget your suncream and hats if you’re out and about..

What you need

Plastic Cups, water and a bucket (one for each team)

How to Play

The ponies are thirsty!

Divide your players into two teams, and line them up next to each other.

Give the first person in each line a small bucket or cup full of water.

About thirty feet away, place an empty cup or bucket for each team.

When you say “GO!,” the first person runs down to the empty bucket, pours the water from his or her container into the bucket, and races back to their team with their empty container.

The next teammate must then race down to the full bucket and pour the water from the bucket into her empty container, and then return it to the next person in line.

Your guests will have fun trying to keep as much water as they can in their buckets. The game ends when each team member has run down and back once.

The team that has the most water at the end wins!

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July 6 2013

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