Each week we’ll be posting an active game for kids to take part in. This might be useful for sports coaches, teachers, trainers and parents alike! They’ll be available every Saturday morning for you to try out. Don’t forget to give us your feedback on the games and let us know how they go when you try them out.

Volleyball Swap

Get the kids into pairs. One will be holding a ball and both will be running around the play area. The coach will then call out a different way to pass the ball. See a list of ideas below:

Chest pass
Overhead pass
One-handed pass
Pass under one leg
Bounce the ball to the other person
Lie on their tummy and pass
Roll the ball
Be as inventive as you like!

Each time the coach shouts, ‘Swap!’ the children complete the nominated pass before continuing to run around the space. The coach should vary the regularity of when they shout, ‘Swap!’ to keep the children on their toes.

Good for:

Improving reaction times, cardiovascular fitness, teamwork, communication, throwing and catching skills and would work well as a warm-up game before a training session.

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October 6 2012

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