We hope you’ve been having a great week! Now the snow is melting you’ll probably be enjoying being able to walk around outside without the ever present threat of slipping over. Just think though, that extra cautious walking will have had your muscles working extra hard to keep you stable.

Anyway, this week’s Active Saturday game is:

Topsy Turvey


Using two different coloured, raised marker cones, this is a fast moving, team game.

Split the groups into two team,s each team lining up on either side of the play area. One team is ‘Topsy’ (cones the right way up) and the other team is ‘Turvey’ (cones the wrong way up). The coach places the raised marker cones either way up (equal amounts for each team) dotted around the area. When the coach shouts, ‘Go!’ the children from both sides run into the middle and attempt to turn as many cones as the can to their team position. After a defined amount of time the coach stops play and the winning team is the one with the most cones turned their way around.

This can be played as a relay where only one team member can go at any time and then tag the next player to allow them to take their turn.

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January 26 2013

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