Good morning! Hope you’re looking forward to a busy an active Saturday. Here is a game the whole family can enjoy. Have fun out there!

Ten-penny pickup is an easy fitness activity for kids that teaches them to use their toes in a whole new way. Once you toss these pennies, the race is on!

You’ll need the following items:

10 pennies

Small box or bowl

Paper & Pen

Stopwatch or clock

How to Play Ten-Penny Pickup:

Step 1: Hold 10 pennies in your hand, and softly scatter them just a few feet in front of you. See how fast you can gather the pennies and drop them in the box or bowl. Write down your time.

Step 2: Now repeat the process. But this time, gather them with your toes before dropping them in the bowl or box. How long did that take?

Step 3: Want a few more choices? Try picking up the pennies with only your right hand. Now, only your left hand.

Step 4: Don’t forget to wash your hands after you have finished playing. Coins are valuable, but they are not very clean!

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June 25 2013

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