Good morning! It’s set to be a lovely weekend, with some well needed sunshine…what are you doing today? If you’re going to be out and about, don’t forget your sunblock as the sun is stronger than you think.

Have fun out there!

Red Light, Green Light

This is a simple and fun outdoor game that doesn’t require any setup or accessories. It’s great for a small or larger group of kids.

1. One person is designated as the “stoplight.” The stoplight stand with his back toward the others. The rest of the players stand about 15 to 20 feet away from him.

2. The stoplight calls out “green light!” which signals the players to begin moving toward him. Then the stoplight yells, “red light!” and turns around. If any player is caught moving when the stoplight turns around, that player is out.

3. The game is over if all the players are out before anyone reaches the stoplight or if someone tags the stoplight. If a player reaches the stoplight, that person gets to be the stoplight in the next game.

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June 1 2013

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