This is a fun football game for children aged 7+. Use the park or any other wide space and have a go at trying your skills out – plenty of practice, fresh air and fun is sure to follow. You don’t have to use comes to mark out your grid area – bags, discarded jumpers and drinks bottles will all work equally as well!

Mum/Dad – explain to the players that they must imagine that the ball is their new ‘birthday puppy’. Their leg is the ‘lead’ and their foot the ‘collar’.

A puppy is safely on the lead if their foot on top of the ball.

The grid area is the park and outside the grid is a river or busy road. Once in the park, the child must keep his puppy under ‘control’. Failure to do so may result in the puppy leaving the park and running into the road or river.

Task 1 – The first task is for the child to take his puppy for a run around the park (encourages ball familiarity, dribbling and running with the ball).

Task 2 – The ‘park keeper’ enters the park (Mum/Dad) – “If he comes near you – show him you have your pup under control” (good for practicing stopping/checking). Move off when the ‘Parkie’ has gone (great for practicing ‘stop start’ movements).

Task 3 – The ‘dog catcher’ enters the park (Mum/Dad) and chases you – “keep your puppy away from him” (this encourages dribbling, feinting and screening).

Task 4 – The coach places some cones in the grids.

‘You have now entered a section of trees in the park – move around but do not let your pup near another puppy in case they fight and don’t let your puppy near a tree in case …… well, you know what!

Have fun – we’d love to know how you got on!

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May 25 2013

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