We hope you’ve had a good week and are ready for February! Pay day is here, the mornings are getting lighter and we’ve all recovered from Christmas so February will surely be enjoyable. Personally I think this is a good time for a holiday so I’m jetting off for a few weeks to take a well earned break. In the meantime you can still get in touch as my PA will be overseeing things. But anyway, I’m here to let you know about this week’s Active Saturday game!

Protect The President


All the children need to line up against the back wall of the court/hall. The coach explains that he/she will choose one child to be the President and another two children to be the bodyguards of the president.

The aim of the game is that the president must run from one end of the court/hall to the opposite end without being hit by a ball. The bodyguards have to try and protect the president by deflecting the balls that are being thrown at them.

Once the president has been hit or has reached the end, the coach will then choose another three children to become a president and bodyguards.

The president that reaches the opposite end of the hall/court first is seen as the winner! Use a stopwatch to time different people to create a leader board.

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February 2 2013

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