We hope you’re all feeling energetic this weekend because this week’s active game is:

Octopus Tag

One person stands in the middle of the play area and they are the octopus! All the other children line up at one side of the play area and they are the fish. When the coach says ‘swim little fishes, swim’ they all have to run to the other side of the play area. If a child is tagged by the octopus, they must help him/her by becoming one of the tentacles. They do this by linking arms or holding hands with the octopus and using their free hand to tag other children. Keep going until everyone has been tagged!

If you like, the winner is the last person to be tagged.

Another variation of this game is that only the children with free hands at the end of the tentacle can tag the fish. That way, children can escape by ducking under arms of children further down the tentacle.

This game works particularly well for large groups of children. Teachers, playscheme leaders and coaches may like to try it out. Let us know how you get on!

Good for: 

Speed, aerobic fitness, agility, endurance, team work

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October 20 2012

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