Hello, with it being Mothers day next Sunday, we thought we’d focus on some Mum and family-friendly exercise activities that are fun for all.

The first idea we have is something called BuggyFit. This is a fab concept developed for Mums to get out and active in those difficult first months after baby is born. The fresh air benefits Mum and little one and is a great way to get fit without the hassle of finding someone to care for the child or faff about with a Creche.

Our next idea is Zumba – you’ll have heard about the new craze for a dance-based fitness class. Many classes will let you take children over 10 to join in and this is a great way to get fit and have fun together.

Our final idea is Ice Skating – your youngsters may have seen the recent series of Dancing on Ice and been interested in getting onto skates themselves. The Winter Olympics may have engaged their interest too. Ice skating is great for general fitness and fun too. Here is a list of Ice Rinks in the UK – check it out, find your nearest one and give it a go! Ice Rinks UK

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March 22 2014

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