Hey there! This Saturday we are going to get active with a fun football game which is great for engaging younger children in football. It is a game for 3-7 year olds, taken from the TinyTykes soccer curriculum.

Mr Wobbly

Set-up: Set up a large rectangle and get the children into anywhere format with a ball each.

How to play: Have the children dribbling their ball around the rectangle, after about 30 second the coach becomes Mr Wobbly and the children have to dribble up to them and kick their ball against Mr Wobbly’s legs, everytime a child has success Mr Wobbly starts to wobble (the success of this game is very much down to the theatrical side of the coach!). Eventually after Mr Wobbly has been kicked enough he falls to the floor and the children can celebrate!

Options: The children can be conditioned to only shoot at Mr Wobbly from a certain distance or by using certain types of passes/shots. Mr Wobbly can either be static until he falls over or can still be moving around to avoid the balls.

Have fun out there!

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November 16 2013

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