Well a lot of us across the UK are going to be snowed in this weekend, but if you’re running coaching sessions as normal or want a new active game to play with your kids, why not try this week’s Active Saturday game! Although it’s called Monster Blob Tag you could also think of it as a snowball gathering more and more snowflakes together to form a giant, human snowball!!

Monster Blob Tag


You start this tag game with two people as the monster blob. They have to lock their arms together and cannot come apart. Once the Monster Blob tags someone, they become part of the blob and add to one of the ends. The blob becomes bigger and bigger until there is a winner.

Only the ends of the blob can tag someone, so players can run through the middle of the blob without getting tagged.

5 Ways To Get Active In The Snow

You’re getting two for the price of one this week as here’s a little reminder of ways to get your kids active in the snow instead of staying in.

1. Arrange a big snowball fight with a group of your children’s friends or siblings. Split them into teams and set rules. Perhaps they can have makeshift shields and if they get hit they’re out or they have three lives and then they’re out.

2. Build a snowman or be inventive and think of other things to build out of snow such as a snow cat, an igloo, a penguin, a dinosaur, etc or build hundreds of tiny snowmen and have them lining the garden or all gathered together looking in one direction.

3. Make the biggest snowball physically possible! All that pushing and shoving will soon tire the kids out!

4. Dig your name into the snow as large as you can across the garden.

5. Get a sledge and slide all the way down the biggest hill you can find. Running back up to the top again and again is great exercise.

If you’ve got any photos of interesting snowmen or snow animals you’ve built do send them over to our Facebook page.

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January 20 2013

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