We hope you’ve all been having a good week and are ready for our active game this Saturday! This week, we’re looking at:

The Hoop Circle Game

Get the children into a circle, holding hands. Hang a hula hoop between two connected hands. On your command the children must get the hula hoop all the way around the circle without anyone unlinking their hands. Each child will need to flick the hoop over their heads, let the hoop fall down the body, step out of it and flick it up their arms and on to the next person. Other adaptations of this game include:

1. Add a different coloured hoop at another point in the circle. Starting at the same time, see which hoop will catch up the other first!

2. Add more and more hoops to keep up motivation and energy. Can the children avoid having to jump through two hoops at once?

3. Get the children into smaller groups and see who can get their hoop round the fastest. Winners are the first to all sit down on the floor.

4. Add another hoop of a different size. Have one going clockwise and one going anti-clockwise. See who ends up having to get through two hoops at once!

Good for: 

Speed, agility, teamwork, communication, problem solving, flexibility and enjoyment!

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October 13 2012

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