Another busy week here at iKidz Training and Consultancy with plenty of news and projects lining up so stay tuned for lots of updates over the coming weeks. For now though, we’ve got another active game for the weekend. This week has a football theme so it’s particularly good for all you football coaches out there. As a football fan myself I like this one!

Here, There and Everywhere
Children line up facing the coach in a long line (one behind the other). Make sure they are arms length away from each other and not too close. Place a cone in front of the first child, place another cone 5 metres to the right and a further cone 5 metres to the left. The cone in the middle is ‘Liverpool’, the cone on the left is ‘Manchester United’ and the remaining cone is ‘Arsenal’.

The coach has to shout ‘Liverpool’, ‘Manchester’ or ‘Arsenal’ and the children have to run to the correct line as quickly as possible (keeping the same children in front and behind them). The coach can confuse matters but pointing to one cone and saying a different football team, or running to one cone and saying another!

You can use any sports team or national country in this game, get the children to come up with their favourites.

If you are the last one to the correct cone or you run the wrong way you’re out. The winner is the last child standing!

Tip: saying the same cone twice always gets children out if you need to speed the game up!

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February 16 2013

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