Hi there!  It certainly looks as if the weather will be okay this weekend, we hope you can spare some time to get out and have some fun.

Today we have another old favourite of mine, French Cricket.  It’s really easy to play so why not have a try.  All you need is a bat and a tennis ball, and this is how you play…

Direct the players to stand in a circle.

Choose someone to be the first to bat.

The first batter stands in the centre of the circle.

The rest of the players try to throw the ball and hit the batter’s legs below the knees. This area is known as the “stumps”.

The batter must hit the ball away for if he fails and the ball passes by, the batter cannot turn around to face another bowler.

Instead the batter must twist and turn to try to defend the stumps without moving his feet.

If the batter hits the ball and it is caught by one of the other players the batter is out.

Once out, the batter is replaced by the player who bowled him out.

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June 22 2013

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