Little League Soccar

Hey there! This week we’ll be seeing the return of some fab sporty activities for you, so get out in the garden or park and have some active fun. Freeze Football Tag is back by popular demand, and the inspiration for this comes from my recent trip to Brazil, where they just love, love, love to play footie. Have a fun Saturday and remember to check back tomorrow for our Sleepy Sunday game…

Freeze Football Tag

Each player has a football. Two players are nominated as ‘taggers’ and given beanbags. The players dribble their ball around the play area. If they are tagged by a beanbag below the knee they must stand still with their ball on their head and their legs apart. They will only be freed when another player kicks a ball through their legs.

The game can finish if the taggers manage to tag all the players so no one can move.

Good for: Co-ordination, ball control, aim, cardio-vascular fitness, throwing and aiming, team work.

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May 18 2012

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