We hope you’re having a great week and not too stuffed from all the Halloween sweeties! The iKidz Pumpkin that you may have seen on our Facebook page earlier this week went down a treat (ha! – first pun of this blog!). After the trick or treaters had been and gone for the evening I brought the pumpkin indoors and the house filled with the amazing smell of baked pumpkin because of the candle cooking it from the inside! Never new pumpkin smelled so tasty because it smells so horrible when you’re carving it out. Pumpkin pie is now a, ‘must try’.

Anyway, to help you burn off some of the Halloween sweeties, try out this week’s Active Saturday! game:

Circle Catch

Get the children into a circle formation and include yourself and/or the coach/es in this. You or the coach start by throwing a ball to the child to their left. Ensure you explain the terms ‘clockwise’ and ‘anti-clockwise’ to the children before beginning. When the ball gets round to the coach, everyone needs to sit down. The coach is responsible for timing how long it takes for the ball to get the whole way round the circle. Different variations or things to try are:

Try to beat your previous time.
Try timing how long it takes to send the ball clockwise and anti-clockwise.
Try two or more balls starting from different points in the circle.
Try one ball going clockwise and the other anti-clockwise.
Split the group into two circles and see who is the first to sit down!

Beanbags can be a useful alternative to the ball if the children are finding it hard to catch.

Good for: Speed, Concentration, Throwing and Catching Skills, Hand Eye Co-ordination, Team Work.

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December 28 2013

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