Hi there! Here’s another serving of fab Saturday activity to get you out and active!

Part ball game, part tag, this activity is sure to become a summertime favorite. Players can’t see what happens once they’ve thrown the ball to the other team, so the element of surprise is a big part of the fun.

What you’ll need

Four or more players

A large, soft playground ball

An obstacle that players can run around but can’t see through, such as a shed or a sheet hung on a volleyball net or rope


For younger players, give the throwing team a heads-up on whether they should run by having the receiving team call out “Catch!” or “Miss!” after each throw.

How to play

Divide the players into two teams and have them gather on opposite sides of the shed or sheet.
One team tosses the ball over the obstacle while shouting, “Annie, Annie Over!”

The other team tries to catch the ball before it hits the ground.

If they’re successful, they all race around the obstacle in one direction — without warning the other team — and attempt to tag them by the hand or with the ball.

Meanwhile, those players make for the safety of the other (now vacant) side of the structure.

Any tagged members must join the other team and that team throws next.

If the receiving team doesn’t catch the ball, they don’t run, but simply take their turn throwing to the other side.

The team that ends up with all of the players wins.

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August 17 2013

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