You train adults every week, you get results and you get paid… but are you having an impact on the next generation? Are the lifestyle changes you are encouraging your clients to make being filtered down to their children? If so, then great, but if not, let’s look at 10 simple ways you can make a positive impact on childhood obesity, whilst at the same time retaining your client base longer and increasing your revenue potential.

This week we look at the first five. Post your feedback and comments about the successes you are having…

1. Get the whole family involved

By enlisting you as their Personal Trainer, your clients have already made the first conscious steps towards improving their health, thus beginning a lifestyle change that can easily be filtered down to the whole family. Getting the whole family involved (and not just those living under the same roof!) is the best way to get children motivated and forming healthier habits. Also, if your clients’ children are involved in the process, don’t you think they’ll put pressure on their parents not to eat that chocolate bar whilst watching the TV?

2. Convert to water

You are no doubt advising your clients to drink more water. Is the message getting passed down to their children? Overweight children are already taking in too many calories, so the addition of fizzy drinks and sugary juices is only fuelling the fire. Since children love a target, how about setting a family water challenger? How many cups (this is an easy measurement for children to understand) can the family drink over the course of the week?

3. Don’t deprive

The ability to treat themselves to a guilty pleasure is probably one of the greatest motivators with some of your clients and rightly so. No one likes being deprived of the things they love the most and if children are, they’ll just rebel. Educate your clients that moderation with children is good and that a family treat night every now and again could be a good thing for everyone!

4. Make a new healthy lifestyle change each month

With so many new initiatives, local health fairs, taster days and sports festivals for engaging in new activities there is no better time to find new healthy lifestyle changes to suit everyone. What can you encourage your client and their family to do this month? How about picking an Olympic sport that they enjoyed watching over the summer and finding a contact for them at a local club?

5. Get active as a family

What activities can you encourage the family to do together to complement your PT sessions? Family walks, bike rides, football and rounders in the park are all simple ideas. The options are endless. How about encouraging your clients to purchase an extra PT session and run a family circuit for them, their partner and children at the local park?

Have a go and see what success you get. Remember, if we all do our bit we will have a massive positive effect on more than one generation. Don’t forget to catch our additional tips on this topic at the same time next week.

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October 3 2012

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