Well done to those of you who took part in last week’s activities. This week we have another 3 fun things for your children to enjoy. Do let us know how you get on with these!

Children’s Activity 4: Climb a Tree

I’m sure many of us have memories of the excitement we felt when we first climbed a tree and the feeling of accomplishment knowing we had managed to navigate our way to the top. Why not take your children out for the day to your local park or nature reserve and supervise them with their first tree climb opportunity!

Things to consider:untitled1-e1348661718510

1. Find a good sturdy tree. Look to see if there are numerous branches that have fallen to the floor as this could suggest that some of the wood is rotten and therefore potentially unstable. Also, don’t climb a wet tree as it may be slippery.

2. If your child is nervous why not climb the tree yourself to show them that it’s not dangerous. When they start climbing, stay within view and talk them through their next steps. Pick a point in the tree for them to aim for so they can feel a sense of accomplishment when they get there.

3. Once they’re at the highest point, ask them what they can see from up there. It will give them a moment to enjoy the view!

4. When they have climbed down, they’ll probably be excited to climb more trees! Take a walk through your local park or nature reserve to seek out more trees.

Children’s Activity 5: Make Perfume From Flower Petals

We all know how expensive perfume can be too strong for children so how about getting them involved in making their very own! This activity would be ideal at the weekend as the mixture needs to be left overnight.


You will need:1-e1348661659428

2 cups of fresh flower petals
4 cups of mineral water
Cheesecloth (a piece of muslin, cotton or tights will also work)
Small spray bottle (such as those you can buy from the chemist for taking on holiday)

Method: Go out and hunt down some fresh flower petals. Smell the flowers and see which are most fragrant. Lavender and Roses can be particularly nice smelling. Once you have collected the flower petals, pour around 4 cups of mineral water into your bowl, lay the cheesecloth or other material over the bowl, letting it sink down into a pouch shape. Add the petals on top of the material and make sure the petals are submerged in the water. Leave the mixture for 24 hours (or longer if you have the patience!). Lift the cloth out of the bowl, which will leave you with the fragrance infused mineral water. Pour the water into the pan and put on a low heat. Reduce the water down to around half a cup or under. Leave to cool before pouring into the spritzer bottle. Test out the new perfume!

Children’s Activity 6: Organise Your Own Teddy Bear’s Picnic


Teddy Bears or dolls can be very special friends to children and are often colourful characters that have their own voices, personalities and opinions in your children’s vivid imaginations. It’s only natural to reward these companions with their very own picnic!

This is something you can do with your children and all their favourite bears on a Saturday afternoon by packing an array of fun and tasty snacks, grabbing a picnic blanket, frisbee or football and having a walk down to the park. Alternatively, you could turn it into a much more elaborate affair, perhaps as a birthday celebration, sending out invites and getting lots of your children’s friends and their teddy bears together in the back garden or local park. Don’t forget to pack enough cups for you, your children and the teddy bears!

To make it truly special here are some key ingredients for an truly unforgettable Teddy Bear’s Picnic:

Teacups and saucers
A tartan or check blanket
Invites (don’t forget to add a plus one for their teddy!)
An old-fashioned picnic basket
Teddy bear themed food
A kite

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October 8 2012

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