It’s the final week of our 33 Things To Do Before You’re 10 series. If you want to go back and read the whole lot you can filter the blog by the tag ’33 Things To Do Before You’re 10′ or just click here. So without further ado, our final activity ideas are:

Children’s Activity 31: Make a Mud Pie


Most kids love getting messy and whilst we might have to deal with the consequences like dirty footprints, mucky hands and muddy clothes, but for the sake of some fun, it’s definitely worth it. Why not join in yourself?! A mud pie needs mud, so this should be done in the garden. Get your children to be creative with their ingredients. Does the mud pie need a sprinkling of leaves? A dash of water? Decorative twigs on top? How big can you make the mud pie? Can you make it look like a real cake? Have fun and let go… your children will lead the way!

Children’s Activity 32: Build a Nest Out Of Grass And Twigs




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December 20 2012

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